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Dano Oilfield Chemicals Division offers five core technologies: adjustment well cementing, channel isolation, profile hold-up and water shutoff, plugging and well casing damage cementing. This way Dano Oil is solving technical issues on-site by independent development of domestically most advanced technologies.

The core of profile hold-up and water shutoff technology is plugging fluid. Danos plugging fluid belongs to inorganic, so it is possible to input the outflow pore selectively and combine the pores wall to block it, thus, reaching the target of profile hold-up and water shutoff technology.

The core of channel isolation technology is the plugging liquid. Danos plugging liquid is composed of two types of components. Firstly, one type of components enters the channel carrying necessary sealing parts and performing the cleaning; then the second type of components is input in the channel, following by its solidifying and cementation. Thus, channel isolation is achieved.

The core of casing damage cementing technology is reinforcing fluid. The most outstanding feature of Danos reinforcing fluid is high strength and high cementing capacity, followed by the dirt holding capacity (DHC). Compressive strength of Danos reinforcing fluid can reach up to 40MPa.

Milling plugs are a major problem of the drilling industry. The main advantage of Danos milling plugs is drilling fluid, which meets the deepest wishes of the drilling staff C timely thickening after stationary condition, so that all the leakages can be blocked in the channel. After thickening it can increase the strength, so that the fluid adds even more to the occlusion of leakage that is left in the channel.

Adjustment well cementing is a comprehensive technology. It covers such techniques, as increasing wellbore pressure in order to prevent cement leakage, intensive rinse for raising displacement efficiency, enhancing cementing capacity, etc. Rational use of these technologies guarantees good quality of cementing at any well.

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